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Searching for Swedish ancestors?

Here are some web sites for you who searches Your roots.

Want to take a tour to the landscape of your ancestor?

A travel organization specialized in tours for Americans whose ancestors stems from the Nordic countries.
Reseorganisation specialiserad på resor för amerikaner med Nordiskt ursprung.

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Where to stay when ancestors are from Dalarna? Falun? Österå …

Here at greenhouseroom of course!
Österå in Dalarna. Both countryside and close to town Falun. Österå and the close by lying village Falun was abandoned massively, as well as a lot of other small and larger villages, in the late 19th century. Abandoned in search for a better life. Back then Sweden was neither democratic nor prosperous. In fact we, the poor Swedes, got help from South America. Argentina or if it was Brazil helped us to ease the worst of our need.