Map and address


Österå 100, 791 91 Falun, Sweden, is the address to “Greenhouseroom”.

Road directions

To get here by car from Falun, take road 50 towards Enviken and then turn left at the road sign “Österå ” or “Bergsgården” and you will end up here.

Österå 100 is right across the road from “Österå bystuga” which is physically marked with a road sign as well as digitally marked in googlemap, >>Link to googlemap.

The gazebo on top of the terraces in front of the house is clearly visible from the road.

The gps should also find us on our address: Österå 100, Falun, Sweden.


  • WGS 84 decimal (lat, long)  60.662967, 15.625865 (Theese coordinates works for me in Google maps.)

Your gps in Your car or cell/mobile might use some of these other coordinate systems. Eniro, a Swedish search site, shows some other coordinates for our address. >>link to Eniro

  • WGS 84: 60°39’48.0″N 15°37’32.0″E
  • WGS 84 DDM: 60°39.800’N 15°37.534’E
  • WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 60.66334, 15.625563
  • RT90 (nord, öst) :6727364, 1490183
  • SWEREF99 TM (nord, öst) :6725452, 534191

Public tranportations

There is one bus stop outside Österå. It lies approximately 400 meters from us. But there are few bus tours. I recommend You to go by car unless you like to bike or walk. We are happy to pick You up at travelers center in Falun, call +46 70 353 09 07.
If You want to rent a car, we can drive you to a car rental station.


  • Taxi Falun: +46 23 15300
  • Koppartaxi: +46 23 63000

Map showing the surroundings

Österå 100 - bra att veta 1 stigar
There are plenty of paths for strolling and jogging in the village.

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