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What our guests been doing so far …

about water

In Sweden You drink the tapwater, we all do. In general there is no chlorine in the water, there are places it is needed. At our B&B we have our own well. It is drilled in the rock down to a depth of 90 meter (98 yard). It has been tested and proven well as drinking water. It do contain flouride, so really small kids, 6 months and younger should not drink it. It is motivated by that they can get white spots on their teeth later when they grow up.

about lunch

In most “eatingplaces” they serve something called “Dagens lunch” (Todays lunch). Serving hours can vary a bit, but it is around 11 a.m. til 2 p.m. and costs about 80 SEK (about 10 dollar).

about food quality

Sweden has the most restrictive regulation when it comes to give antibiotics to animals. They are only given to animals that are ill. So Swedish meat has a very low content of antibiotics, if any, and that counts for dairy products as well. Also all eggs are checked for salmonella (and there are very rare outbursts of salmonella [1]), which means that you can buy eggs and eat them raw if you would like to do so.

[1] link to the gov. for agriculture (in swedish though) >>


about swedish tv

All programmes are shown and heard in their original languages and when necessary subtitled in swedish (some in finnish also). And a lot of the tv-shows and films comes from US and Britain. You can also watch swedish television for free on the site

winter and summer sports

View the lake Varpan from the greenhouse.

View the lake Varpan from the greenhouse.

When it has been cold and the snow has fallen, you can ski or skate on the lake Varpan close to the house. Sometimes one of our neighbors volunteers and plough a track on Varpan – it happens.
If you want ploughed tracks for iceskating, there is a 15 minutes drive from here to lake Runn.
If you want to ski, there is a trail for snowcats which you can use for skiing, not so far from us (100 meter). For downhill skiing it is about a 30 minutes drive to “Romme Alpin” in Borlänge, a three hours drive to Sälenfjällen (Stöten, etc… ) and a four hours drive to Idrefjäll.

View from the yard into the woods.

View from the yard into the woods.

From our yard you can also enter tracks for running and hiking and in the summer you can go swimming in the lake Varpan. The beach is about 100 m (310 feet) from our house.

Österå beach

Österå beach

wildlife and nature experiences

Deers in the garden

Deers in the garden

In the woods of Dalarna there are bears, wolfs, moose’s or and elks. Deers, foxes and hares are running (and eating!) frequently in our garden. To put it short – we have a wildlife. So, apart from jogging, strolling is not only a pleasant way to spend time in the woods, it can also be interesting.
It is about one hour drive to “Grönklitt” a park with wild animals. If You want to see a polarbear for instance.

polarbear in Grönklitt - isbjörn i Grönklitt 2011

polarbear in Grönklitt – isbjörn i Grönklitt 2011

for artists

View the morningmist over the lake from the greenhouse.

View the morningmist over the lake from the greenhouse.

The greenhouse works quite well as a studio. If you are interested in gesture drawing (figure drawing) and life model sketching and painting there are frequent classes at Dalarnas museum in Falun, check in at, (The site is written in swedish but you can still check in dates and sketches). Occasionally there are classes right across our road in “Österå Bystuga“.  Dalarnasmuseum also has a lot going on.  Zorns museum in Mora is about one hour drive away and Karin and Carl Larssons home in Sundborn is about 20 minutes drive from here.

for events

If You are looking for a spacious place and an opportunity to stay over night, the combination of the spacious “Österå bystuga” and our B&B is a possible choice. Check the link >>here to Österå bystugas calender – to see when it is avaliable  and who to contact for booking it. Their site is written in swedish only, so if You want me to assist You with checking the calender – let me know by writing me a comment here on the site.

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