for Your car IMG_0039

  • There are plenty of parkingspace in the open.
  • Engine pre-heater.
  • One carport.

the room 70 kvm

  • There are room for Your skies and skating gears.
  • You have a sole entry of Your own into the greenhouse.
  • The greenhouse room (winter garden) lies next to the greenhouse and is roughly 7 x 4m (23 x13 feet). There is space for two single beds (90 x 200 cm) which can be tied together to a double bed and two extra beds (80 x 200 cm). All beds have proper mattresses.
  • Towels and sheets are included in the price.
  • For airborne travelers and guests: nail scissors, scissors, knife, schampo, showergel and toothpaste are at Your disposal.
  • Door openings and bathroom is spacey enough for a wheelchair. There is one sauna and shower. Door to sauna and opening to sauna are 70 cm wide.
  • It is possible for You to do Your laundry. (Washing machine and dryer)

More information about the rooms, see descriptions and layout under “photos of room and layout“.

heat, cold and ventilation

You can turn up the ventilation in the rooms. Ask us, the hosts where. In that way cool night air can be drawn into the rooms. The temperature in the sleeping room holds well keeping the door to the greenhouse closed. The temperature in the greenhouse is very dependent on the weather due to the large windows, in spite of the energy film that are layered out on them. (It takes away some of the warmth.) A good draft can be done by opening both of the out doors.


The patio outside the greenhouse i placed in a disclosed part of our garden.


  • The greenroom works as lounge where You serve Yourself breakfast from the refrigerator and from the cabinet under the micro.
  • There are a refrigerator, a micro, a boiler to heat water and a coffe machine at Your disposal.
  • We choose to serve organic, closely grown and Swedish food in first hand. Sometimes we have newly baked bread, made in the house.


  • TV, with common Swedish free channels. Films are shown on original language. So American movies are american speaking, French in french and so on.
  • A solid internet connection (protected) as well as wi-fi.

no animals and no smoking

  • No pets allowed – we have a cat and sometimes a dog living with us.
  • No smoking indoors.

Ange önskat datum och antal personer nedan så får du ett svar från vår privata e-postadress så fort vi kan! - Write dates and number of persons in Your party below and You will get a response from our private email address as soon as we can!

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