Good to know

about water

In Sweden you drink the tap water, we all do. In general there is no chlorine in the water. At our B&B we have our own well. It is drilled down in the rock to a depth of 90 meter (98 yard). It has been tested and proven well as drinking water. It contains a bit of fluoride, so kids younger than 6 months should not drink it, since they can get white spots on their teeth later when they grow up.

about lunch

In most “eating places” they serve something called “Dagens lunch” (Today’s lunch). Serving hours can vary a bit, but around 11 a.m. til 2 p.m. is common. A lunch costs about 80 SEK (about 10 USD).

about food quality

Swedish farming is the most regulated in the world. Antibiotics are only given to animals when they are ill. Which means that they are kept healthy by good food and living conditions.
So Swedish meat has a very low content of antibiotics, if any, and that counts for dairy products as well. Also all eggs are checked for salmonella (and there are very rare outbursts of salmonella [1]), which means that you can buy eggs and eat them raw if you would like to do so.
[1] link to the gov. for agriculture

about swedish TV

We have free public channels as well as commercial ones (no governmental TV at all!). All shows on TV are shown and heard in their original languages and often subtitled in Swedish (some in Finnish also). And a lot of the tv-shows and films comes from US and Britain. So you will probably find shows that you understand as English speaking. You can also watch Swedish television for free on the site