Photos of room and layout

layout of the greenhouse and the greenhouseroom

Green house – winter garden – lounge

In the green house (winter garden) You can have Your breakfast, make Yourself a cup of tea or coffee, heat up a snack in the micro, relax after sauna, watch TV or the views over lake Varpan.

Green house room, the bed room

In the greenhouse room (23 x13 feet (7×4 m)) there are two beds and space for two extra beds.  You choose if You want a double bed or two separate beds. (I simply tie them together.) The 2 beds are (6,56 x 2,9 ft (90 x 200 cm)) and the 2 extra beds are (2,6 x 6,56 ft (80 x 200 cm)). All beds have interior sprung mattresses.

Sauna, shower and bath room

  • dusch - shower
  • sauna
  • bastu - sauna

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